To Sit On And To Lie On

Three Reasons To Buy A Suede Sofa

by Dawn Hopkins

If you're shopping for a new sofa and you've decided that you want to choose something made of leather, you'll generally have two choices — standard leather or suede. You can expect to see both options at most furniture stores, and you may feel that each could be a good addition to your home. While some people gravitate immediately toward standard leather furniture, it's worthwhile to think about the merits of suede. If you take the time to sit on a few suede sofas, you may appreciate them and decide that this type of material will suit your living room. Here are three reasons to buy a suede sofa.

Matte Finish

A lot of standard leather furniture has a glossy look, and while this style can work well in some homes, not everyone favors it. For example, you might prefer something that doesn't catch the light and look shiny to some degree. Suede can be a good option for anyone who wants a softer look. It has much more of a matte finish than standard leather, which can work well in a room that doesn't have any glossy finishes. Even if the room gets a lot of natural light, you won't have to worry about the surface of the sofa shining.

Less Slippery

One thing that you may notice when you sit on various leather sofas is that their surface can be somewhat slippery under your body. While some people like this feel, you may find that it poses certain challenges. For example, when you're sitting on the couch to read, it's possible that your body might slowly slide from a vertical position to a horizontal one — causing you to need to readjust yourself several times. A suede sofa has much less of a slippery feel, which you may find is better for long periods of sitting.

Soft Texture

Suede has a soft texture that can feel pleasant to the touch. It often has a softer feel than standard leather, and may not feel as cold on your skin, either. If you like the idea of your living room having a soft and warm vibe, which can help to make it feel cozy to your family and your guests, a suede sofa can be a good addition. To check out several different types of suede furniture, including sofas in a number of styles, visit the leather furniture section of a local furniture store.