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3 Things To Know About Teak Patio Furniture

by Dawn Hopkins

If you want to buy some wood patio furniture, then you should choose your wood carefully. Some woods last better and need less maintenance or repair work than others.

Teak furniture is a good option for outdoor use. If you don't know much about this wood, read on to learn more.

1. Teak Outperforms Other Woods

In general, most wood patio furniture looks good to start with. A good set will also be robust and hard-wearing.

However, some woods, such as softwoods, can struggle in outdoor environments. They might suffer from surface damage such as cracking in the sun. If they get wet or sit in humid environments, then they might rot and warp. Insects can also damage wooden furniture.

Teak is better suited to being outdoors. This wood contains a lot of natural oils which give it layers of protection that other woods just don't have.

So, teak furniture won't suffer from sun damage. It won't rot or warp as easily as other woods because it has effective external and internal water and moisture resistance. Plus, its natural oils give this wood a scent that repels insects.

So, a teak furniture patio set should last a lot longer than other alternatives. You won't have to do much maintenance or repair work on it over the years.

2. Teak Develops a Beautiful Natural Patina

Teak furniture initially has a warm brown appearance. Its golden hues are appealing.

As the wood ages, it develops a natural patina that changes its original color. Your furniture will start to turn a beautiful silver-grey color over time.

While many people like the look of this patina, you don't have to stick with it if you decide you don't like it. The beauty of teak is that you can lightly sand your furniture down when it changes color and then apply a teak sealant to it. This will restore the wood to its original shades.

3. Not All Teak Products Are the Same

While you might be tempted to save money by buying less expensive teak furniture, it pays to buy higher-quality wood if you can. Teak comes in grades, and a higher grade can be a better investment over the years.

For example, higher grades of teak usually come from the centre of the tree. They contain heartwood. This part of the tree contains more of the natural oils that make teak so resilient. The more oils your furniture contains, the longer it will last.

To see some examples of teak patio furniture, contact outdoor furniture suppliers.