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Three Places To Use A Waterproof Mattress

by Dawn Hopkins

When you shop at a mattress store, one product that you'll often see is a waterproof mattress. This is a mattress that has an outer layer made of vinyl or another similar material that prevents moisture from soaking into the inside of the mattress and damaging it. While some people use waterproof mattress covers, buying an actual mattress that is waterproof can be handy in a few different scenarios. Here are three places where you may wish to start using a waterproof mattress.

Spare Bedroom

If you have a spare bedroom in your home, you might have an assortment of people use this space. When it comes to equipping the bedroom with a bed and mattress, it can be a good idea to think strongly about choosing a waterproof mattress. Its protective outer barrier may come in handy on multiple occasions. For example, if your young child has a friend using this bed during a sleepover, and the child has an accident, the mess will be easy to clean without damage to the mattress. Similarly, if you have an elderly family member who is staying with you and who occasionally has urinary incontinence issues, you'll appreciate having this mattress.

Child's Bedroom

Some children struggle with bed wetting, which can be embarrassing for them and a hassle for their parents. If your child has wet their bed multiple times and damaged their existing mattress, you may wish to replace it with a waterproof mattress. You don't even need to explain the new mattress's waterproof properties to your child, as you don't want to further embarrass them. Instead, you can offer a feeling of excitement over your child getting a new mattress for their bed. These mattresses are sold in many sizes, so you won't have trouble finding one that is the right size for a child.


If you have a cottage, you might wish to think about equipping some of the beds with waterproof mattresses. While they'll be handy in the event of urinary incontinence, they can also be useful in other ways. If your family is staying at the cottage during a heat wave, people may sweat heavily at night. Extensive sweating can soak through the sheets and into a conventional mattress, eventually causing it to develop an odor. With a waterproof mattress, this won't be an issue. Additionally, if your kids get into bed while still wet after swimming, this type of mattress will repel the water.

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