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Why Put Carpet Glass Chair Mats In The Office?

by Dawn Hopkins

A chair mat made of glass? What benefit could this type of floor mat have? What benefit would this chair mat have if you have carpet in the office? Why invest in this type of product in the first place?

Learn what carpet glass chair mats are and why you should put them in the office. You can buy these chair mats either individually or in bulk so everyone in the office can have one.

What are carpet glass chair mats?

A chair mat is a mat that is placed under a rolling chair. The mat helps to protect the floor under a rolling chair while also providing more free movement of the chair in its space as well. In the case of carpet glass chair mats, the mats themselves are simply made of glass, often clear. Other styles of mats include foam or rubber, among others.

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To protect your carpets

If you get carpet glass chair mats, you protect your carpets. Your carpets could otherwise get grooves in them from the wheels on the rolling chairs. Carpet glass chair mats are great for the office if you have decorative carpeting that you don't want interrupted by a solid and bulky mat.

To improve your chairs' mobility

Your office rolling chairs roll better when you have a smooth and hard surface for them to roll on. This is fine if you have hardwood or another solid surface for your chairs to roll on. This is not so much the case when you have carpet on your office floors, especially thicker carpeting. Carpet glass chair mats help solve this potential issue by giving office chairs a solid and durable surface to roll around on. These mats often taper at the ends to keep ridges away so workers don't get tripped up on the mats while they work.

To improve workplace appeal

If you already have workplace mats, then consider upgrading to carpet glass chair mats. These chair mats can be more versatile in the way they look and can improve workplace appeal as well. Chair mats made of glass add a modern appeal to your office while still allowing the rolling chairs in the office to do their jobs.

You can get carpet glass chair mats in the same office supply store you get your office chairs in. If you buy these mats in bulk, you may be able to get a discount. Carpet glass chair mats are available in a variety of tints.

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