To Sit On And To Lie On

Points To Check When You Buy A Rollaway Bed

by Dawn Hopkins

A rollaway bed is a useful piece of furniture to own if you often have people stay overnight in your home. While your pull-out sofa might be able to accommodate a couple of guests, you'll appreciate having a rollaway bed to offer comfortable sleeping space to additional people. Furniture stores typically carry a selection of these folding beds, so you'll want to evaluate a few different models to find the right product for your home. Here are some specific points to check on each rollaway bed that you're thinking about buying.


The ease with which you're able to move a rollaway bed is important. This is a piece of furniture that you'll likely want to store out of sight, whether it's in a closet or elsewhere in your home. When it's time for someone to use the bed, you want it to be easy to move to wherever you'll set it up. The bed's total weight and the quality of its wheels are the main factors that influence the bed's movability. If you're able to physically check out a few of these beds at the furniture store, note which one is easiest to roll a short distance. A bed that is light in weight and has high-quality wheels will be ideal.

Folded Size

Even if you plan to use the rollaway bed a lot, this piece of furniture will likely spend the majority of its life folded and stored. When you're evaluating different models, you'll want to note the folded size of each. Some rollaway beds fold up to be more compact than others. A bed that is even just a few inches narrower once it's in the folded position can be more convenient for you to store than a wider one—especially if your closet isn't overly large.

Mattress Quality

Like any piece of furniture designed for sleeping, you'll want to assess the quality of the mattress when you shop for a rollaway bed. Your local furniture store will ideally have a few of these beds in the open position, allowing you to lie down on them for a few minutes. Doing so will allow you to assess the thickness of the mattress. For example, you don't want to be able to feel the metal frame of the rollaway bed through the mattress when you're lying down. To learn more about rollaway beds and find the right one for your home, visit a furniture store in your area.