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A Vintage Furniture Shop Is Worth Stopping At To Complete Your New Movie's Look

by Dawn Hopkins

You want to make your new movie as beautiful as possible, and decorating its set is your main way of making your new movie unique to your style and taste and true to the setting. You can frequent all the home décor stores you want to find the mixed and matched pieces that work for your movie's main idea, and yet you may feel that something is missing. Consider going to a vintage furniture shop to find the rest of the pieces that will make your movie complete. A furniture shop that features vintage pieces will have a large majority of items you need so you can switch out some of your movie items with more authentic ones, which will make your movie set more realistic and enjoyable on film and in life. Here are the reasons why a vintage furniture shop is worth visiting to complete your movie's look.

You get something new every time you shop

A vintage furniture store is always rotating its wares and having something new come up. You can see not only vintage furniture for sale in these shops but vintage décor and bedroom accessories as well. For all your television stands, rugs, vintage headboards and bedding, tables and chairs, and even whole living room sets, visit a vintage furniture shop.

You get pieces that are true to the time period you are creating

If you are setting a movie in another time period, one way to make the movie the most authentic is to consider vintage furniture accurate to the time period at your local furniture store. You can make your movie set more realistic that way, even if you just buy some real vintage items and complement them with contemporary pieces that are intended to look vintage. You'll also get more one-of-a-kind items that you won't find elsewhere that are great for keeping for future movies or just to have for yourself when you're done filming.

You get pieces that are fun to collect and hold onto

Going to vintage furniture shops is fun and allows you to get much of the décor and furnishings you need for not just your current movie, but the next ones you intend on doing. Consider buying wall hangings, telephones, lamps, and other vintage items that work on nearly all movie sets. For this, you'll want to visit your local vintage furniture store frequently to ensure you get the pieces you're after and to locate harder-to-find items.