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Two Undeniable Benefits Of Refinishing Your Old Wood Furniture

by Dawn Hopkins

Furniture refinishing refers to applying a fresh coat of wood finish or paint on a piece of wood furniture whose previous finish has deteriorated or become damaged. The overall process gets broken down into several procedures, which include:

  • Cleaning the surface of the piece of furniture
  • Removing the old finish
  • Sanding the surface of the piece of furniture
  • Using a chemical stripper to remove any paint left behind after the sanding
  • Sealing the wood
  • Applying a paint coat based on your aesthetic tastes
  • Finally, applying the wood finish

Unfortunately, most people don't get the point of refurbishing their old furniture because, in most cases, they would prefer to discard their old furniture and get new furniture. However, furniture refurnishing has several benefits that enable you to retain your furniture and save money in the long run. 

With that said, here are two reasons you should consider refinishing your old pieces of wood furniture.

Enhancing the durability of Your Wood Furniture 

Wood finish has two essential purposes. The first purpose is to protect the underlying paint from deteriorating or getting damaged by exposure to the elements. The second purpose of wood furniture finishing is to prevent the wood from absorbing water or chemicals that could spoil the durability of the wood. However, the wood finish also improves the aesthetics of the furniture because the finish gives it a glossy or gleaming appearance to compliment the color.

However, wood finishing is susceptible to braising, flaking, or scratching over time. When this happens, it also means that the underlying paint is exposed to elements and factors that could damage it, and the wood is also directly exposed to spills that could stain or damage the wood.

Therefore, at such a point, you must consider a furniture refurbishing project so that you can prevent the piece of furniture from deteriorating from exposure to the elements. Therefore, furniture refurnishing is an essential service that ensures your wood furniture lasts long without any blemishes or wear.

Improving the Resale Value

Irrespective of whether your wood furniture is vintage or contemporary, its value will most likely be based on its face value. Face value means that a potential buyer will determine how much they are willing to pay for it based on how it looks in terms of structural stability and aesthetics.

In most cases, you will not be selling a damaged piece of furniture. Thus, the aesthetics will be determining factor for the selling price. Typically, if the original furnishing and paint have deteriorated, potential buyers will use it as a bargaining point to drive down your quote price. Therefore, if you plan to sell your old furniture, it is advisable to do some TLC before listing it. Remember, furniture refinishing gives an old piece of furniture a fresh look that resembles a new piece of furniture, which enhances its value.

Hence, when a potential buyer sees the refurbished piece of furniture, they will be willing to match your quote value. Therefore, despite selling an old piece of furniture, you will get to regain most of its original value in the sale.