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Home Wall Decor Products Ideas To Consider For Your Rental Home

by Dawn Hopkins

If you're going to list a rental home or an Airbnb, then you want to make sure the property looks furnished and inviting. Short of putting your own family photos and decor on the walls and calling it day, what do you do?

There are many ways you can put home wall decor products on the walls of a rental or Airbnb and make the space look inviting and modern. Here are just a few of them. The key lies in not making anything too themed — unless the property itself is themed, like a beach house — and keeping politics, religion, and personal statements out of the decor. Buy your home wall decor products at your local furniture store.

Sea or naturescapes

If you have naturescapes or seascapes placed on the walls of your rental or Airbnb home, you create a sense of awe and wonder in the space, especially if you're showcasing local areas and attractions. Consider these home wall decor products in main hallways, living areas, reading rooms, or even the dining room.


Mirrors as home wall decor products are great. Not only do they make a space look more engaging and modern, but mirrors also give a space the illusion that a room is much larger than it really is. Have mirrors in the main living areas and bathrooms of your rental home to really make the spaces really stand out look great. You can even get mirrors that hang over doors to make bedrooms more functional and to make them appear larger as well.

Bonus: if you have a large room, have a mirror placed on either end of the room so the mirrors reflect into one another. The visual effect these home wall decor products will have will delight and entertain your guests.


Get some wall-hanging macrame pots and put some succulents on the wall of your rental home or Airbnb. These plants can be real or fake use fake ones in a rental, real in an Airbnb — and will help make any room appear bright, clean, and cozy. If you want to put air plants in as home wall decor products as well, you can do this: simply mix and match these plants and water them as necessary to keep them thriving so your tenants can enjoy them easily.

You can buy many of your home wall decor products at your local furniture store. Others, you can find online or at your local plant store. Choose the pieces that work best with the style and design of your property for best results. Change out these home wall decor products as trends change in home design.

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