To Sit On And To Lie On

Sectionals: What Might Work Out Best In Your Home

by Dawn Hopkins

Sectional couches are often preferred by many due to their many features and options. When you need a new couch, you may want to consider one as well. Here are four things about sectionals that can help you see what can be so great about them: 

1: Sectionals can offer more seating in small spaces

If you have a smaller living space, it can be a challenge to fit enough seating in that area. Sectionals come in different sizes, and they can also be broken up how you need them to be. If you have a living space with a challenging small wall, or something like a fireplace to work around, then having the ability to break up the sectional will be very helpful. 

2: Sectionals can fill space in larger areas

Some houses have a lot of square footage and open floor plans. This can make it a bit more of a challenge to fill the space with furniture. You can choose to get a large sectional that helps add plenty of seating and fills that space nicely. Sectionals are great because they can fit against walls in smaller spaces, like the type mentioned above. However, they can also be situated away from the walls and more in the central part of the space. 

3: Sectionals offer more sitting room

When you get a sofa and love seat, much of the space these pieces take up will include the arms. With average-sized sets, there will generally be four arms to accommodate five seats. That is a lot of wasted space that can be avoided with a sectional. There are sectionals that can offer more seats with half the number of arms to waste space. 

4: Sectionals can offer many built-in features

You may want some specific things in your furniture and many, if not all of them, might be offered in a sectional. You can get a sectional that's also a sleeper sofa. They are also available with built-in recliners, seat massagers, pull-down tables, a chaise, cup holders, and much more. Sectionals can even offer so much hidden storage that they can be helpful in places like studios, where storage may be a big problem. 


Sectionals come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and upholstery options. If you have been looking for a living room set and are having a hard time finding the right one for your home, consider switching gears and looking into a sectional.