To Sit On And To Lie On

Evaluating Potential Mattresses For Your Bed

by Dawn Hopkins

Your choice of a new mattress can be one of the factors that will have the biggest impact on your quality of life. Unfortunately, it is often the case that individuals will overlook the various factors that they should focus on when choosing a mattress. This can lead to them choosing a mattress that is simply the most affordable or the one that is the most comfortable when they test it.

Ensure Your Mattress Will Properly Support Your Body Weight

A common issue that people have with their mattresses is that they may not distribute their body weight in an even manner. This can lead to there being uneven stress along their spine. If this is not addressed, it can actually lead to chronic injuries that may result in chronic pain or even injuries. Memory foam mattresses can be an effective option in this regard, as many of them will be able to more easily contour to the shape and weight distribution of a person's body.

Choose A Bed That Is Designed To Stay Cool

Most people will find that it is easier to sleep when they are slightly cool. Unfortunately, traditional mattresses can be extremely effective at absorbing the heat from the body, which can lead to a person feeling increasingly warm as the night progresses. Fortunately, there are mattress options that are designed to minimize the amount of heat that they absorb so that a person is more likely to remain cool throughout the night. These mattresses may have a slightly higher cost, but the improvement in your sleep quality can be worth the additional costs. This can be especially useful for those that live in hotter climates, as it can help to ensure a restful night's sleep even when the temperature outside is scorching hot.

Consider The Motion Transfer Resistance Of The Mattress

For couples, it can be a common complaint for one partner to wake the other by their tossing and turning during the night. Traditional mattresses can be extremely bad about this, as their design can allow even the smallest movements to be felt by the other person in the bed. Options like Tempurpedic beds can be a good choice for couples with this issue, as they are made of materials that can reduce the transfer of motion. As a result, your partner's tossing and turning will be far less likely to be noticed by you once you are asleep or as you are trying to fall to sleep.