To Sit On And To Lie On

Sectionals, Size, And Style Choices

by Dawn Hopkins

What type of sectional couch is the best fit for your family's needs? Whether this is your first experience with sectionals or you've owned this type of modular sofa in the past, take a look at the questions to ask before you invest in a new piece of furniture for your home.

What Size Sectional Do You Need?

Even though this type of sofa is typically larger than a single couch, such as a loveseat, some sectional designs have more pieces than others. Carefully measure your living room or other in-home space and:

  • Look for vents or radiators. Don't let a large sectional sofa block your home's heating or cooling system. When you measure the space, block out extra room for floor and wall vents or stand-alone radiators.

  • Consider the angle. Will the sofa sit flush against one wall, two walls, or none of the room's walls. Choose a position and measure how much usable space you will have in each direction.

  • Think about height, length, and width. Your new couch will take up space in more than one direction and dimension. If there are low-hanging built-in shelves or lighting fixtures, you may need to adjust your choice for the height. The same is true for a narrow room or a space that has a shorter length.

If you're not sure where you want to place the couch, measure a few different spaces. This will give you a few options to consider and allow you to rearrange the room as needed. 

What Type of Material Do You Want?

Now that you know what size sofa can fit in your home, it's time to take the next step and choose a material. Like other types of furniture, sectionals are available in several options. These may include, depending on the manufacturer and retailer:

  • Leather. If you want a sleek style and don't like the look of an upholstered sofa, leather may be a good choice to consider. 

  • Faux leather. This option is typically less expensive than genuine leather. While it may not wear as well, faux leather is an eco-friendly choice.

  • Reversible upholstery. A reversible sofa cover is made from a fabric with two different colors or patterns. The reversible feature allows you to change the look or style of the room easily. You can also reverse some of the sections to create your own pattern or two different sofas.

  • Textured upholstery. A corduroy or highly textured fabric adds a cozy feel to your home's living space. 

Along with the type of material, you also have plenty of color and pattern choices. These options allow you to choose a sectional that coordinates with the rest of the room or creates a bold, eclectic style contrast. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for sectionals near you.