To Sit On And To Lie On

Live In A Studio? 4 Furniture Pieces To Create A Functional Living Space

by Dawn Hopkins

Growing up in a large house and moving into a studio apartment means getting used to a smaller living space. Furniture that fits in a home will likely not work in a studio. To get a functional studio, you must buy furniture that solves multiple issues or provides multiple uses.


Good-quality sleep is not worth sacrificing while living in a studio. A couch is only reliable as a temporary sleeping solution because a mattress will provide crucial support for healthy sleep.

Fortunately, you can pick from multiple sleeping options such as a futon, sleeper sofa, and convertible sofas. A modern sleeper sofa turns into a bed while also providing storage.

Putting away your duvet, sheets, and pillows in the morning transforms your studio from a bedroom into a living space during the day. To get extra support while sleeping, you should buy a mattress pad or mattress topper that often ranges from one inch to three inches thick.


While watching a movie or show, you may enjoy lying down on your sofa. An ottoman is a great piece of furniture that allows you to lie down while facing the television. The most effective ottomans for a studio are ones with a storage compartment inside and a flat top to set a tray on.

Since the ottoman sits close to your sofa, you can store a blanket for colder months and spare bedding set to replace yours when it needs washing. These furniture pieces are also lightweight and small enough to move around the studio to make room for activities or guests.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is worth picking over an ottoman for the tabletop and different functions. Multi-layer, pop-up, and folding are some of the coffee table types you will find while shopping.

Folding coffee tables are a perfect fit for small studios because you can put them away when setting up the bed. A multi-layer gives you ample storage underneath and functional space on top.

Entertainment Center

A typical entertainment center may take up an entire wall in a studio apartment because of its enormous dimensions. So, focus on the height for furniture pieces over the length is an excellent idea because many studios have the same ceiling height as single-family homes.

Inspect the dimensions, cabinets, drawers, and storage shelves until you find an entertainment center with ample storage. Then, measure your electronics and items such as your DVD collection and video game consoles to buy a piece that fits everything you plan to store.

To enjoy a functional living space in a studio, you should prioritize these furniture pieces and their unique qualities. Contact a furniture store to learn what they have in stock.