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When You Should Consider An L-Shaped Coffee Table

by Dawn Hopkins

Most coffee tables are rectangular or oval in shape, and your local furniture store likely has several models in these shapes. If you're looking for something different, however, it's advantageous to check out what other shapes might be available. Some stores have L-shaped coffee tables, and this design may catch your eye and make you think about how it might work in your living room. This unique shape of furniture can especially be a good fit if you find yourself in one of the following situations.

You Have An L-Shaped Sectional

Sectional sofas are a popular furniture choice for many families due to the amount of seating space that they offer. While sectionals can vary in shape, those that are L-shaped are popular. If you have an L-shaped sectional, you may find that placing an L-shaped coffee table in front of it provides a stylish look. It's common to use a coffee table in front of a sectional, and choosing an L-shaped table will make it easier for people to reach the table from wherever they're sitting on the sectional.

You Often Host Parties

If you enjoy having gatherings in your home, having a coffee table will come in handy because you can use its surface to hold appetizers and other food that you've prepared for your guests. You may find that an L-shaped design is a better choice for you, particularly if your gatherings are large. This shape of a coffee table will allow you to spread out different dishes instead of having them crammed together on a table with a smaller top. This can make it easier for guests to grab food throughout the party.

You Have A Large Living Room

The size of the room in which you'll place a coffee table can often influence what type of coffee table you buy. If an L-shaped model catches your eye, you might like how it's larger than many other coffee tables. This size can make it a good fit for a large living room. When a living room is too spacious, it can sometimes feel uninviting. While you want to be careful not to clutter it with too many pieces of furniture, you may find that the large amount of space that an L-shaped coffee table takes up can work well in your space. Look for a selection of coffee tables, including those that are L-shaped at your local furniture store.