To Sit On And To Lie On

Types of Standing Desks to Buy For Your Office

by Dawn Hopkins

Working for long hours while seated may not be healthy. Over time, you may begin to experience fatigue and back pains. Additionally, your productivity may lower as you may get uncomfortable when you sit in one posture for a long time. To avoid such problems, you need stand-up desks, which allow you to work comfortably when standing. The desks allow you to stretch your legs and have potential health benefits such as preventing back problems.

There are many options of standing desks available such as solid wood stand-up desks, and you need to make an informed choice. Here are the common types of standing desks to purchase for your office.

Height Adjustable Desks

Height-adjustable stand-up desks come as a single unit with an adjustable height mechanism. You can also find various desktop surfaces and frames such as metal and bamboo. The adjustable desks also have multiple designs such as L-shape, round, and rectangular designs. When you combine your ideal height adjustable desk design with a perfect office chair, you can get the comfort you need to work for long periods without straining your body. 

Additionally, the desks have large surfaces that provide you with enough space for your laptop or computer. The desks also have accessories such as file storage. Further, with adjustable desks, you can easily set up a dual monitor computer system comfortably. Hence, adjustable office desks are a better alternative for converters that take up your desktop, and you have to use the computer monitor and keyboard on various tiers.

Fixed Height Desks 

Furniture-making professionals make fixed height stand-up desks to a specific height. Thus, the desks aren't adjustable, and you can't work at various heights. The desks are ideal for different situations. For instance, the desks are suitable for a collaborative work setup where you may move around or interact with various clients. 

While fixed height stand up desks can help you burn some calories and prevent back pains, you need to get the correct height. Too high or too short desks can be uncomfortable and cause back pains due to the wrong posture. A reliable stand-up desk dealer should be able to help you pick out the ideal desk height for your needs. Additionally, fixed height desks have built-in features such as bookshelves and display shelves, making them fashionable furniture items for your permanent office set up.

Height adjustable and fixed-height desks are the significant types of stand-up desks you should consider for your office. For more information, contact companies like Amish Country Furniture Sales.